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Select the edit icon against the appropriate connector to edit.

Main Interface

The main interface is broken into two tabs, General configuration and Advanced configuration.


Nervepoint Access Manager Edit Repository


General Configuration

Here you can configure connection properties of the Active Directory.


  • AD Host - hostname of SSL-enabled Active Directory server
  • Domain - domain name of AD server
  • Service Account Name - name of account with administration permissions on the AD (you can use a user who is part of the domain admin or account operators group also a user with delegated permissions to manage user accounts and passwords for the OUs. We recommend during installation you use the AD administrator account to get the system up and running and then change this later). Nervepoint Access Manager will use this account to communicate and work with your AD so must have the correct privileges to change passwords and account attributes.
  • Service Account Password - password associated with above Service Account Name


Advanced Configuration

Here you can configure the finer points of how Nervepoint Access Manager should connect with your Active Directory.


Nervepoint Access Manager Advanced Connector Configuration



  • Timeout - this is the conenction timeout value before Nervepoint Access Manager returns without making a successful connection to your connector
  • Page Size - how much data Nervepoint Access MAnager should retrieve during a query of your AD
  • Base DN - the specific DN to communicate with
  • Username is sAMAccountName - Nervepoint Access Manager should use preWindows2000 usernames. All users will need to login using their pre-Windows2000 usernames as defined in your AD
  • Follow Referrals - LDAP interfaction can result in referals to other LDAP servers, setting this flag allows Nervepoint Access Manager to follow any referrals that are return during a query
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