Nervepoint Access Manager 1.4 Release Notes

1.4-RG Release Notes

* Multiple Authentication Flow support
- Configure multiple authentication flows for each available login process in Access Manager
- Users select which login method they wish to use from those configured
- Users will only be prompted with options they have provided all required details for

* Access Manager SSL configuration updated to support eliptic curve ciphers

* Enhancements to VMCentre Backend
- Backup and Restore function extended to be available from the console in addition to web interface
- Scheduled Tasks page added to allow creation and management of automated tasks

* Operating System and back end software updated
- Operating System upgraded to Debian 8
- Java upgraded to OpenJDK 8
- Web Server upgraded to Jetty 9.4.6

* Support for upgrading 1.3-RG8 to 1.4-RG
- If you wish to upgrade please see this helpdesk article,

*Issues Resolved*

Access Manager 1.4-RG contains all bug fixes contained within 1.3-RG8

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