Configuring SMS Gateway for use with TextMagic

If you wish to use TextMagic as your SMS Gateway provider you will need to perform the following action in order to configure the gateway and Access Manager for use.

  1. Login to your TextMagic account and go to the configuration options and select Services > Email to SMS
  2. Select the "Add allowed emails" option and then provide the email address that you have set in the "Default Sender Address" in the Access Manager Mail configuration. This should be all the configuration required in TextMagic.
  3. In Access Manager set the "Provider email gateway address" to:
  4. Finally go to Configuration > Messaging and open the SMS Gateway Email, the default configuration used by TextMagic is to read the message from the email body only, as a result you will need to add the ${body} attribute to the body of the message. TextMagic can be configured to read either the Subject and Body, or both, this message just needs to include ${body} on the appropriate section.
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