Expanded Phone Number Validation Options

A number of new validation options have been added for mobile phone numbers, these can be found in Configuration > Messaging > Configuration. The new options are:

  • Synchronize with connector email
  • Synchronize with connector mobile
  • Phone number validation pattern
  • Phone number input mode
  • Require country code for mobile numbers
  • Strip leading zero from phone number
  • Output phone prefix when default
  • Phone Number Output Pattern
  • Phone Country Codes


Synchronize with connector email/mobile

When these options are enabled Access Manager is able to synchronise the primary email address or mobile phone number the connector's designated attribute for this. After the user's profile is completed any change to these values will be replicated on the source database via the provisioning functionality.


Phone Number Validation Pattern
This option uses a regular expression to determine the format that a phone number is accepted in. The default value is


This determines all digits are accepted as well as hyphens (-), plus (+), and spaces are accepted, and there is no length limit. If the period character (.) was also to be allowed the expression would be


This field is fully customisable and can be set to support your phone number pattern if you enforce one.

Phone Number Input Mode
This option allows you to set how users provide their prone numbers when including country codes, the options are:

  • Select country menu and number field - Selected by default, this displays a separate drop down option that allows the user to select the international country code for their number and a text field for the phone number itself. The option to populate this drop down option is later in these settings.
  • Country and number text fields - Displays two separate text fields, the first for the country code and the second for the mobile number.
  • Processed text field - Uses only a single field but keeps the + for the country code automatically in place.
  • Free text field - This is the option to restore the original functionality, no pre-formatting is applied and users can enter anything they like.

Require country code for mobile numbers
When enabled any field that requires a mobile number to be provided will also require the country code to be provided.

Strip leading zero from phone number
As country codes replace the leading 0 in phone numbers when this option is enabled if a 0 is detected as the first digit it will be automatically removed when the number is saved.

Output phone prefix when default
When enabled phone numbers that have been stored to the system are also stored with the country code for use in messaging attributes. When disabled the local save discards the country code and only the phone number is saved.

Phone Number Output Pattern
This option uses a regular expression to determine how the phone number is displayed after it has been accepted and saved, the default value is


The will display the number with the country code first, a space, then the rest of the number.

Phone Country Codes
This option will allow you to configure which country codes are displayed and may be selected from the country menu in the appropriate input mode. Some example entries for this:
These are all provided in the format country code = identifier.

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